Provide employee’s engagement assessment – counseling, design and employee’s engagement accompany with development plan linking to organizational structure.

               Employee’s organizational commitment regards as very important issue for sustainable growth because this kind of commitment would directly reflect to employee’s performances such as intention, devotion, extremeness in work and reduction of staff turning over problem. Therefore, the way organization regularly checks employee’s commitment is like body checking-up. The organization must know which points have to be specially improved and provided care for sustainable growth.


               Mind Edge Innovation provides counseling, design and creation of employee’s organizational commitment assessment by expert team which assists in design of whole procedures, able to be actually used for measurement, suitable for business aspects and could be further developed concretely. The assessments are divided into 7 sections:


  1. Work assessment
  2. People assessment
  3. Company practice assessment
  4. Quality of life assessment
  5. Growth and opportunity assessment
  6. Reward and benefit assessment
  7. Overall employee commitment assessment